Left: Fulham Centre 16 Madeline Cres.

Right: Temple Centre 214 Military Road.

Henley Fulham News

Sunday 28th August: Join us at the Temple site at 10:30am for Café Church. Share coffee and cake whilst we worship.

Our Weekly Prayer

(Pray on Wednesday at 12.30pm, or whenever you are able in the week)

With You, Lord You are found in our lives, Help us to seek you. You do wonders among us, Help us to see you. You reign over our world, Help us to obey you. You triumph over all, Help us to rise with you. You enter your kingdom, Help us to live with you. Amen.

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to draw people to Christ through our worship and community life by offering relevant activities that connect with people in the wider community.

Vision Statement

We, the people of Henley Fulham Uniting Church

Are called by God to be a Christ Centred community, demonstrating Christ's qualities, knowing Christ's peace, and challenged to be active in the wider community...

So that others can know Christ as their saviour and friend.